ChemE Car Competition

Sunday, March 8 • 12 p.m.
Curry Student Center (Northeastern University)
Go to: Live Video Streaming (will start approximately 11:45 a.m.)

ChemE Car is a design competition in which students compete in teams to design and build a small scale chemically-driven car.

The Northeast EDP Submission Deadline is February 7.

Rules for the ChemE Car Competition can be found at

Teams that register for the ChemE Car Competition will be contacted by Allison Cargile ( with submission instructions via

Only one member per team must pay the extra $10 fee.

Chem-E-Car Competition Prizes:

1st Place: $200

2nd Place: $100

Shipping Information

As a result of the area in which we are storing shipped chemicals, it is required of every team that when shipping chemicals, you must submit an itemized list of chemicals before shipment. This includes the identity, quantity, and concentration (ideally an MSDS would be great to send along). Failure to submit such a list may result in refusal of chemicals upon arrival.

Ship chemicals to:

ATTN: Courtney Pfluger
Chemical Engineering Department
Northeastern University
313 Snell Engineering Center
110 Forsyth Street
Boston, MA 02115