ChemE Jeopardy

Form a team of 3 or 4 and compete in ChemE Jeopardy.

Note: all team members should check the jeopardy box on their registration.

General Setup

–   The preliminary rounds consists of single jeopardy and final jeopardy.

–   The championship round consists of single jeopardy, double jeopardy, and final jeopardy.

–   There will be 6 categories with 5 questions each.

o   3-4 will be chemical engineering related

o   1-2 will be science related

o   1 will be outside of science and engineering

o   Final jeopardy questions will all be chemical engineering related

–   There will be a maximum of 3 teams for each round.

–   There is a maximum of four players per team.

–   Points are deducted for incorrect responses.

–   Responses should be given in the form of a question, will be penalized if not

–   Contestants should not buzz in before the question is fully read out loud.

–   Teams with negative scores will not be allowed to participate in Final Jeopardy.

Playing Jeopardy

–   A team is randomly chosen to go first in Jeopardy.

–   Teams have five seconds to respond after the Host finishes reading the question.

–   Teams are allowed to discuss responses prior to buzzing in, but all conversation must stop when someone buzzes in.

–   The person that hits the buzzer must be the same person that gives the response

–   The person must begin their answer within five seconds

–   If a team answers a question wrong, another team may buzz in within five seconds after the host indicates the team is wrong.

–   The team with the lowest score entering the Double Jeopardy round chooses first.

–   A team only has ten seconds to provide response to a Daily Double question.

 Final Jeopardy

–   Teams will have 30 seconds to write down their wager (range: 0 to current team score).

–   Teams will have 30 seconds to write down their response in the form of a question.

Tie Breaker

–   A tiebreaker round will be played if two teams are tied for first after Final Jeopardy.

–   Teams will be presented with a category and then the clue will be revealed.

–   First to respond and answer correctly will win.

–   Buzzing in early will count as an incorrect answer.

–   In the event both teams are incorrect, another category and clue will be provided until a team answers correctly.